Success Stories

Florida Payroll Consultants helps companies of all sizes in various industries. The following cases illustrate how we made a difference:

Architectural Stone Contractor, 21 Employees

Challenge: The Company was faced with a $5000 workers’ compensation audit from their carrier, even though they were set up on a pay-as-you-go premium system through their national payroll provider.

Our Solution: After carefully reviewing their payroll records and bank statements, we determined that their current payroll company did not remit all of the premiums they deducted from the client. The money was found and the audit was averted before the client was forced to pay the carrier. We switched them to a more reliable, lower cost payroll and workers’ comp solution that not only gave them peace of mind, but saved them over $1500 a year.

Private Golf and County Club, 125 Employees

Challenge: Having faced their 3rd consecutive double digit health insurance rate increase, the club was faced with raising the employee contribution towards the insurance or reducing the benefit offered.

Our Solution: We were able to get them qualified for a high-end PEO solution that not only saved them over $180,000 annually in benefit expense, but improved the overall plan offering and significantly reduced the overall administration to the club. The employees did not have to switch carriers and they now had more options to choose from.

Hair Salon, 5 Employees

Challenge: The business was experiencing higher than normal overall costs for payroll and workers’ compensation.

Our Solution: We identified that their national payroll provider was invoicing them for workers’ comp premiums on tipped wages, which was affecting their cash flow. In addition, the weekly service fee was well above average for a company of this size. We switched them to a web-based solution through a local payroll provider at a more competitive cost, corrected the workers’ comp invoicing mistake and changed their payroll cycle to biweekly. The overall annual savings for this company is over $3000.

Art Supply Retail Store, 19 Employees

Challenge: The current health benefit cost structure through their current PEO was cost prohibitive for employees to add their dependents to their plan.

Solution: By moving to a PEO with a stronger benefits program, we were able to offer 8 plans to the employees with more options to add dependents at lower out of pocket costs to the employees. This significantly improved morale and productivity. In addition, we were able to lower payroll-related costs by $8000 annually, without sacrificing necessary HR services.

Water Treatment Service Company, 7 Employees

Challenge: After 7 years of very good workers’ comp claims experience, the company experienced 3 claims in one year that caused their MOD to increase from .85 to 1.28. This represented over a 50% increase in workers’ comp costs to the company, in addition to lower productivity realized because of lost time due to on the job injuries.

Our Solution: By leveraging the expertise of a strong “loss control focused” PEO, we were able to implement a proactive loss control program to reduce claims and increase safety. In addition, the company was able to realize a $6200 annual savings by insuring their employees through the PEO’s workers’ comp program.

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